Research and Development Division

Research and Development Division 
Md Sajid Idrisi and Rajkumari Jashmi

R&D Centres                            
Centre for Wildlife Conservation (CWC)
Centre for Forest Ecology (CFE)
1.       Linthoi Naorem, Research Associate
2.       Priya Atri, Research Associate
1.       Bobbymoore Konsam, Research Associate

Centre for Ecosystem Management (CEM)
Centre for Biodiversity Informatics
1.       Biba Jasmine Kaur, Research Associate
2.       Kiranjit Yumnam, Research Associate
1.       Rajiv Kangabam
2.       Sunil Thorat 
3.       Mohd. Imran Khan
4.       Mohd. Sajid Idrisi
5.       Abhishek Jain
6.       Anurag Maloo 
On going Projects (self financed):
North East India Biodiversity Network
Flora of Manipur I Fauna of Manipur

Centre for Community Outreach (CCO)  
On going Projects (self financed)
1.   Socio-economic dependence of the local people on Loktak Lake.
2.   Case Studies on Loktak Lake and Deepor Beel.
3.   Endangered species of Northeast India.
4.   Avifauna diversity of Wetlands of Northeast India 

1.       Mary Thangjam, Research Associate
2.       Rajkumari Jashmi, Research Associate
3.       Khridesori Rajkumari, Research Associate
Completed Project:
Community based Biodiversity Conservation: Sacred Groves of Bishnupur District, Manipur.
Funded by ATREE, Bangalore and Sir Dorabji Tata Trust