Anurag Maloo

Anurag Maloo, Research Associate in Social Media, Communication and Publication Division and Biodiversity Informatics Divison of the NECEER. Passionate about the environment  and sustainable society, involved in giving ideas, design, wording material for advertisements, and other requisite merchandise for distribution. An active member of editorial board for NECEER magazines, and other media publications. He had served as the Global Sponsorship and Outreach Coordinator for “Worldwide Save Loktak Lake Campaign [WSLLC] Phase 1 and 2 across 25 cities in 3 continents beginning its First Phase from March 7, 2010. He had been involved in organising NECEER's Enviro Lecture Series and National Conferences. He spearheaded and significantly extended the visibility of the organization. He has a commendable experience of delegating and representing NECEER at various regional, national, and international conferences on Environment and Climate Change thematic. He possesses excellent leadership qualities and responds to call and buzz immediately. Currently, serves as a Teach For India fellow, and teaches 50 young ones in low-income under-resourced school in Pune.

He has also been selected to represent India for Inspire International Antarctic Expedition 2013 with Sir Robert Swan, OBE and 2041.