Manipur Biodiversity Network (MBN)

North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research, Imphal


Manipur Biodiversity Network (MBN) is a network of researchers, academicians, students and nature enthusiasts of Manipur to encourage and support activities throughout the state in all aspects of research and education related to biodiversity of Manipur. The network is an attempt to create a platform for academicians, researchers, students and public for interaction and communication among each others to reduce information gaps and enrich our knowledge about the biological diversity of the state. MBN aimed to organize bi-yearly Manipur Biodiversity Congress with active participation of academicians, researchers and students from different colleges, institutions and universities of the state. MBN will also organize field surveys cum training programme to educate students, the basic field techniques related to ecology and taxonomy. Manipur Biodiversity Network will be governed by executive members who are representatives from colleges, universities and institutes of the state. Two representatives from biological and environmental department in each college, university departments and institutes will served as executive members of MBN for three years.