About us

Mission: To promote public awareness, education and research for the protection and conservation of biodiversity in North East India.

Vision: Conservation of biodiversity for better future.

North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER) is a non profit public interest research and educational organisation based in Imphal, Manipur. NECEER was established on 9th December, 2007 with an aim to educate and create awareness about the changing environment and conservation of biodiversity in North-eastern states of India through non formal education by organising training programme, workshops, campaigns, seminars, etc. Research and Development Division of the organisation is involved in the exploration of the floral and faunal diversity of the region and framing of conservation strategies with the help of local communities for the conservation of biodiversity. Taxonomical surveys, ecological and ethnobotanical studies are some of the initial works taken up until fully equipped laboratories are established. Conservation of sacred groves, wetlands, water bodies and fragmented ecosystems are given priority in the sustainable development programme of the organisation. NECEER publishes newsletter and magazine for the dissemination of environmental awareness and conservation of biodiversity of Northeast India.

Since its establishment, NECEER tirelessly pursues its mission by motivating and promoting youth to take up environmental issues and scientific research for the conservation of biodiversity and its habitat in North East India. Hundreds of youth across the globe are involved in the environmental awareness campaigns and research works of the organisation. More than 25 organisations are supporting Worldwide Save Loktak Lake Campaign, an initiative of NECEER which is being organised in 25+ cities in 3 continents.

* North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER) is a registered Trust devoted to the conservation of biodiversity in North East India.